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Fluid Therapy series:

bullet Fluid Therapy Basics Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro
bullet Introduction to Fluid Types Dr. Bernie Hansen
bullet Crystalloids In-Depth Dr. Wayne Wingfield
bullet Colloids In-Depth Dr. Elke Rudloff
bullet IV Fluid Administration Guidelines Dr. Steve Haskins
bullet IV Catheter Placement & Care Dr. Deb Silverstein
bullet IV Fluids During Anesthesia & Surgery Dr. Khursheed Mama
bullet Patient Monitoring Recommendations Dr. Steve Haskins
bullet Medical Case Studies Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro
bullet Critical Care Case Studies Dr. Lisa Powell

Anesthesia series:

bullet Anesthesia Basics Dr. Elizabeth Martinez
bullet Pre-Anesthetic Examination Dr. Nancy Brock
bullet Anesthesia Premedication Dr. Khursheed Mama
bullet Anesthetic Induction Drugs Dr. Lesley Smith
bullet Monitoring During Anesthetic Maintenance & Recovery Dr. Nora Matthews
bullet Inhalant Anesthesia Equipment Considerations Dr. Tamara Grubb
bullet Common Complications of Anesthesia Dr. Berit Fischer
bullet Anesthesia Case Studies Dr. Luis Campoy

Diabetes series:

bullet Diabetes Basics Dr. Deb Zoran
bullet Diabetic Treatment & Management Protocols Dr. Tanya Civco
bullet Benefits of Monitoring Diabetic Pets Audrey K. Cook
bullet Communicating with Owners of Diabetic Pets Dr. David Bruyette
bullet Effective Blood Glucose Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients Dr. James Barr
bullet Blood Glucose Monitoring During Anesthesia & Surgery Dr. Nora Matthews
bullet Managing the Challenging Diabetic Dog Audrey K. Cook
bullet Managing the Challenging Diabetic Cat Dr. Tanya Civco

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